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Listen and share with:
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Listen with Artists, DJs, Celebrities
Get closer to your favourite artists, DJs, and influencers. Subscribe and tune in to catch when they next go live!
Connect like never before
Have you ever wanted to listen to music with all of your friends? Or listen to an album with someone 5000 miles away?
Now you can, with SWAY.
Share your vibe
People want to hear what gets you dancing. Broadcast with the tap of a finger and let the world dance with you.
Party with friends around the world
Join music lovers from around the world for a party that never ends.
SWAY is a music sharing platform that lets you listen and
broadcast with millions of people in real time.
Get listening within minutes of signing up and explore a world of music, for free.
Without Artists there's no music! That's why they are at the heart of our business. We give artists a space to create a community that they can grow on their own terms.
We understand that sometimes you don't want people to tune in. That's why you choose when you go live.
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