How does SWAY work?
We use your existing streaming service for all listening you do on SWAY - that way, you can listen to anyone, anywhere and for free! When you listen to music, you can choose to broadcast and reach a world of fans and fellow music lovers.
What about licensing issues?
You already pay a license fee in your subscription to your streaming service. Through SWAY you use your own streaming service for all of the listening that you do, and your friends use their own streaming service for all the listening they do! We ensure cross-platform connectivity at no extra cost!
Do I need a premium streaming account to use SWAY?
Yes! We use streaming services to let you be your own radio station, or tune into anyone else’s anywhere in the world, so you need a paid streaming service account. We are currently set up with Apple Music and will be adding additional services soon!
Can SWAY connect to any other streaming platforms?
We currently have Apple Music connected to SWAY, but watch this space! We’ll be introducing several major streaming services very soon. You can broadcast and listen with anyone on any SWAY compatible streaming service, no matter where they are in the world.
How do I access my playlists?
When you sign up and log in to SWAY - it automatically brings your playlists with you.They can be found on the “My Music” page.
Is SWAY free to use?
SWAY is completely free to use when listening and broadcasting with friends. Verified users can charge credits to allow you to listen with them. This enables small artists and influencers to create valuable content.
Do I have to broadcast when I am listening to music?
Your privacy is important to us. If you don't want anyone to hear what you are listening to, you don't have to let them. Privacy options can be found in broadcast settings and app settings.
Is there a distance limit?
You can listen to your friends and verified users anywhere in the world. If you want to listen to someone you don't know then you can discover people around you along with trending DJs!
Soon, you will be able to tune in to anyone, anywhere in the world!
How do I follow artists on SWAY?
It's as easy as searching for their name! If they are on SWAY, they will appear at the top! If your favourite artist isn't on SWAY, nudge them so they know they are missing out on something good ;).
How do verified users get paid within SWAY?
Once a user has been verified, people can subscribe to them using ‘credits’ to access the content they produce. SWAY will also offer established verified artists the opportunity to partner with The SWAY Exchange, which is a space where creators can work with brands for greater income generation
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